Who is Kabukimono in Genshin Impact?

Who is Kabukimono in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact, the sprawling open-world action RPG, constantly intrigues its fans with intricate backstories and mysterious characters. Among the many enigmas the game presents, the name “Kabukimono” has generated significant buzz among the game’s community. But who exactly is Kabukimono?

Origin of the Name: “Kabukimono”

Origin of the Name: "Kabukimono"

Diving into the cultural tapestry of Japan, we find our first clue. The term “Kabukimono” harks back to Japan’s rich Feudal Era. These were tumultuous times when ronin – masterless samurai – wandered the lands. Among them were the “Kabukimono,” notorious for their violent actions and peculiar appearances, giving the term its translation: “strange things.”

But the cultural connection doesn’t stop there. Japan’s kabuki theater, known for its dramatic, exaggerated performances and eccentric costumes, can also trace its roots back to this term. The name’s historical and theatrical connotations aptly resonate with Scaramouche’s dramatic character within the world of Genshin Impact.

Scaramouche: The Man Behind Many Names

In the vast universe of Genshin Impact, Scaramouche emerges as a character of profound complexity, holding the essence of Kabukimono. Born from the vision of Raiden Ei, he was an experimental puppet initially designed to serve as a vessel for her Gnosis. Yet, a twist of fate saw him abandoned and left to his own devices after a single tear marked his creation.

It was in the tranquil confines of the Shakkei Pavilion where Scaramouche, still nameless, found solace and identity. The likes of Mikoshi Nagamasa, Katsuragi, and Niwa Hisahide not only took him in but also gave him the title “Kabukimono” – a name that would become synonymous with his journey.

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However, the tides of time brought waves of change. From being dubbed “Kunikuzushi” after a heart-wrenching tragedy involving a young boy near Tatarasuna to later aligning with the Fatui Harbingers and adopting the title “Scaramouche,” his identity saw many evolutions. Within the secretive ranks of the Harbingers, he further earned the cryptic codename “The Balladeer.”

The Connection with Genshin Impact’s Narrative

Genshin Impact’s Version 3.3 trailer was a turning point, introducing players to a Scaramouche who proclaimed the titles “Balladeer” and “Kabukimono” would soon vanish. This revelation tied back to the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter, deemed by many as Scaramouche’s unofficial story quest. This quest pulled back the curtain, revealing a character grappling with past betrayals, hidden truths, and a renewed sense of identity.

Dottore, another significant character in the Genshin universe, played a pivotal role in shaping Scaramouche’s destiny. It was Dottore’s actions in Tatarasuna that propelled Scaramouche to wipe his existence from Irminsul, leading him to adopt the moniker “the Wanderer.”

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