How to Earn Primogems Fast in Genshin Impact

How to Earn Primogems Fast in Genshin Impact

Primogems stand as a pivotal currency within the universe of Genshin Impact. They serve a critical role, driving players to acquire treasured characters, top-tier weapons, and essential in-game items. This guide illuminates the myriad avenues for accumulating these gems swiftly.

Early Game Methods to Earn Primogems

World Exploration

Venturing into the vast terrains of Genshin Impact, adventurers will stumble upon high-caliber chests known as Exquisite chests, each brimming with Primogems. Furthermore, marking uncharted Waypoints on the map doesn’t just ease navigation, but also showers players with a sprinkle of Primogems.

Seize the Day Login Bonuse

Consistency is key. By merely launching the game daily, players stand to earn a trove of Primogems. Moreover, an unbroken streak of logins amplifies this yield, especially as you hit the seventh day mark.

Completing Missions

From the onset, the game offers an array of Daily Commissions, side quests, and world quests. Delving into these tasks not only enhances the gaming experience but ensures a steady inflow of Primogems. Moreover, as you scale your Adventure Rank, more avenues to earn gems unlock.

Daily Sources of Primogems

Daily Sources of Primogems

Daily Commissions

Beyond exploration, the realm of Genshin Impact teems with daily tasks, from quelling monsters to gathering elusive items or reaching secluded locations. Each commission offers not just a thrilling challenge but also a bounty of Primogems and Adventurer’s Exp upon completion.

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Daily Check-Ins:

A cornerstone for regular players, checking in daily, especially on every seventh day, ensures a surfeit of Primogems, rewarding consistent engagement.

Hidden Opportunities

Unlocking Achievements: Intricacies of Genshin Impact hide numerous achievements, waiting to be unearthed. Whether overtly displayed or concealed, these milestones, when reached, bestow players with Primogems.

Maintenance Periods: Occasional updates ensure a refined gaming experience. While players await these upgrades, miHoYo compensates with 300 Primogems. Should this maintenance linger, each extra hour of anticipation means 60 more gems.

Participate in Events

Time-bound events frequently pepper the Genshin calendar, each promising an assortment of rewards. Players should keep an ear to the ground for official event announcements and ensure their Adventure Rank matches the eligibility criteria. Engaging in these quests and challenges could yield a wealth of Primogems.

Late Game Primogem Earning

The Spiral Abyss: As players transcend the early phases, the Spiral Abyss emerges as a lucrative arena. Starting with 100 Primogems per star on initial floors, the rewards slightly taper to 50 Primogems by floors 9-12. The Abyssal Moon transitions occasionally reset these counts, offering renewed opportunities.

Continued Achievement Completion: Despite advancing in the game, players can continually earn Primogems by accomplishing various achievements, ensuring a steady stream even in advanced stages.

Redeeming Codes

Occasionally, miHoYo broadcasts unique alpha-numeric codes through diverse platforms such as social media, live streams, and official channels. Once retrieved, these codes, when entered in-game, manifest as Primogems. It’s crucial to note that these codes have a limited lifespan and are one-time use.

Purchasing Options for Primogems

For those willing to invest, Genshin Impact offers exclusive currency packs, notable among which is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon. This pack grants a daily Primogem stipend over a period. Alternatively, players can buy Genesis Crystals, which can be seamlessly exchanged for Primogems.

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Paimon, the trusty companion, runs a unique shop. Here, Stardust or Starglitter can be bartered for Primogems, offering yet another avenue for gem acquisition.

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