How Old is Amber in Genshin Impact?

How Old is Amber in Genshin Impact?

Amber, a vibrant and lively character, has become a favorite for many Genshin Impact players. As a character deeply rooted in Mondstadt’s history and traditions, many wonder about her age and how it ties into her adventurous spirit and dedication to the city. Let’s delve into understanding Amber’s age and how her youthful presence impacts the game.

Speculations and Facts About Amber’s Age

The mystery surrounding Amber’s age has been a topic of much discussion among Genshin Impact enthusiasts. From her cautious nature around newcomers to her admiration for Mondstadt’s warriors, one can glean clues. Though there’s no concrete evidence pointing to when she joined the Knights of Favonius, her youthful demeanor suggests she’s a recent addition.

Analyzing her features and comparing them with younger in-game characters reveals she might be around the early 20s, specifically between 20 to 24. Additionally, insights from a discerning Reddit user, backed by in-game dialogues and manga readings, suggest she’s approximately 18 years old.

Definitive Information on Amber’s Age

Putting speculation aside, the game distinctly mentions Amber’s age as 18. Providing a timeline context, during the events of a particular manga, Diluc was around 21, hinting he’s roughly 22 in the game.

Meanwhile, Amber’s Character Story 5 confirms her transition to adulthood, shedding light on her journey. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches, she aligns with some of the younger playable characters in Teyvat.

Character Background and Traits

Character Background and Traits

Amber’s exuberance isn’t without reason. Since her early teenage years, she’s been committed to her cause. Her chirpy attitude, combined with a boundless sense of duty, paints her as a beacon of hope in Mondstadt. Aspiring to walk in her grandfather’s noble footsteps, she continually seeks to help the city’s inhabitants.

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Despite her occasional gliding mishaps and culinary adventures, Kaeya’s praise labels her as a “paragon of justice”. Her inherent kindness makes her instantly likable, and her tales of a lost, heroic grandfather add depth to her character.

Physical Characteristics and Appearance

One of the first things players notice about Amber is her distinctive look. Her golden eyes shimmer beneath her long, flowing hair. Adorning her head is a red bow, looking strikingly similar to bunny ears, while her brown pilot goggles sit ready for her next aerial adventure.

Adding to her unique style are her red and brown gloves and a Pyro vision tied elegantly with a red and orange ribbon. Her attire, a vibrant red jacket paired with a dark brown jumper, complements her energetic persona. Not to forget, her white boots decorated with red stockings and intriguing symbols speak volumes of her adventures

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