How to Use the Siege Towers in Civilization 6: Siege Towers Guide

Siege Towers Guide Civilization 6

So, you’ve decided to add Siege Towers to your Civ 6 repertoire? Great choice! To start, ensure you’ve entered the Classical Era and have delved into the nuances of Construction Technology. Ready your coffers and production capabilities, for a single Siege Tower demands 100 Production Points and a neat sum of 400 Gold. But beware, these behemoths have a taste for gold; maintaining them will cost you 2 Gold every turn.

Navigating through Civ 6’s vast arsenal can be tricky. While Siege Towers and Battering Rams might seem like two peas in a pod, they each come with distinct functionalities. The Siege Tower’s forte lies in letting your melee and anti-cavalry troops scale city walls, essentially sidelining them. On the flip side, the Battering Ram is all about packing a punch and tearing down those very walls.

The Civilization 6 Siege Tower isn’t just about brute force—it’s a game of chess, and positioning is key. Ideally, park your Siege Tower snugly next to an adversary’s walled city. This grants melee and anti-cavalry units the golden ticket to bypass these pesky walls. Consequently, they can focus their energies on the city’s very heart, hastening its downfall.

Their towering stature, while impressive, is a double-edged sword. Siege Towers, once in proximity to enemy walls, stand out like sore thumbs, making them juicy targets. It’s paramount that you shield them, lest they meet a swift, untimely demise.

Siege Towers Effectiveness and Limitations

The Classical Era? That’s where Siege Towers truly shine in Civilization 6, especially against Ancient and Medieval Walls. However, time waits for no one, not even Siege Towers. Come the Renaissance Era, and their efficacy begins to wane.

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Some defenses are just too robust for our old-fashioned Siege Towers. The Renaissance walls, for instance, are a tough nut to crack. Moreover, cities fortified with Urban Defenses scoff at the might of Siege Towers, regardless of how ancient their walls might be.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Civilization 6, obsolescence is inevitable. Once the potent Siege Tower faces such a fate post the discovery of Civil Engineering, it’s time to rethink its role. A savvy strategist might consider morphing them into Medics. As for siege warfare, the Renaissance Era rings in the age of Catapults, offering alternative strategies for besieging those well-defended cities.

Siege Towers Strategic Considerations and Tips

If you’re thinking “the more, the merrier” when it comes to Siege Towers, hold your horses. A singular Siege Tower suffices to grant all allied forces their wall-bypassing prowess. Hence, pooling resources into constructing multiple Siege Towers might not be the most efficient strategy in Civilization 6.

While Siege Towers are an impressive force multiplier, they’re a tad selective. Their benefits resonate only with infantry and anti-cavalry units. So, if you’re fielding units like knights, don’t expect any special favors from your Siege Tower.

Knowledge is power. By gauging an opponent’s defensive capabilities, you can tweak your strategies for maximum impact. Always remember that Siege Towers are powerless against Renaissance walls or those daunting Urban Defenses. Thus, diversify your attack approach as the game progresses.

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