How To Launch An Inquisition in The Civilization 6

How To Launch An Inquisition in The Civilization 6

Before diving deep into the world of Civilization 6 and launching an Inquisition, certain foundational steps need to be fulfilled. Firstly, having a foundation for your religion is paramount. The journey to creating a religion starts by either harnessing the power of a Great Prophet or amassing enough Faith points that elevate your Pantheon to a full-scale religion.

A Pantheon isn’t just a mere belief; it’s a strategic choice. For instance, by opting for the God of the Sea Pantheon, your empire gets an early advantage with enhanced productivity for fishing boats near ocean resources.

Moving forward, infrastructure plays a pivotal role. Constructing Holy Site Districts stands out as a pivotal step because these districts become the heartbeat of Faith generation in your cities. This Faith accumulation isn’t confined to these districts alone; there are a plethora of avenues like Great Prophets, city-state quests, or policy card tasks that contribute significantly.

Now, with a hefty Faith reservoir, it’s time to train the mighty Apostles. These powerful religious units not only champion your religion but also engage in fierce doctrinal confrontations. While they require a Holy Site and a Temple for training, each Apostle is distinct, offering unique promotions and evangelization abilities.

The Process of Launching an Inquisition

Harnessing the potential of an Apostle reaches its peak when the “Launch Inquisition” ability is invoked. This pivotal action happens in a city where your religion reigns supreme and there’s a Holy Site. Once initiated, the outcome is the birth of an Inquisitor unit.

These Inquisitors aren’t merely symbolic; they are the sword and shield of your faith. They’re equipped to take on other religious units, ensuring your faith remains unchallenged in cities within a ten-tile radius.

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Key Benefits of Using Inquisitors

Inquisitors are more than just religious units; they are the guardians of your faith. By wielding them effectively, you can purge followers of other faiths from your territories, fortifying your religious stronghold.

More than just defense, it’s about expanding your influence while effectively countering the religious advances of rival civilizations.

The Significance of Wonders in Relation to Religion

In the grand tapestry of Civilization 6, Wonders hold a special place, especially when it comes to religion. For those aiming for a religious victory, here’s a golden rule: Ensure more than half the cities in all civilizations embrace your faith. But how can Wonders aid in this? Let’s delve deeper.

Stonehenge isn’t just a marvel of architecture; it’s a religious powerhouse granting a free Great Prophet and facilitating the birth of a religion without needing a Holy Site. On the other hand, the Mahabodhi Temple stands as a testament to religious strength, gifting two free Apostles.

The Hagia Sophia isn’t far behind, supercharging all religious units with an additional spread charge. Lastly, the Mont St. Michel not only stands tall in its architectural beauty but also ensures all Apostles get the Martyr promotion, producing Relics upon their downfall. Collectively, these wonders can pivot the game, pushing you closer to a religious victory with their faith-centric advantages.

Defensive Reasons for Launching an Inquisition

In the strategic matrix of Civilization 6, launching an Inquisition isn’t just an offensive move; it’s a smart defense mechanism. When rival civilizations are on the brink of a religious victory, an Inquisition can thwart their dreams

Besides, era points aren’t just numbers; they’re the difference between a golden age of prosperity and a dark age of despair. Launching an Inquisition can help you stock up on these valuable points in the Rise & Fall expansion. Above all, your religion isn’t just a tag; it’s an identity offering unique bonuses to your civilization. An Inquisition ensures this identity remains untarnished.

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Understanding the Inquisitor Unit

The Inquisitor is not just another religious unit in Civilization 6; it’s the embodiment of religious might. Acquiring an Inquisitor isn’t a walk in the park.

They can only be bought using Faith in cities where the majority religion rules and there’s a Holy Site with a Temple. But the true birth of an Inquisitor requires an Apostle to invoke the Launch Inquisition ability on such a Holy Site.

Inquisitors come with a slew of attributes, making them indispensable. They excel in both offensive and defensive theological battles. Their strength magnifies when they’re on home turf, and this strength can be further amplified during religious wars or when they’re near cities that champion their faith.

Their chief ability, “Remove Heresy,” is a game-changer. Inquisitors are the final line of defense, specializing in purifying cities from rival religions. Their prowess is unmatched within your borders, making them perfect to fend off enemy Apostles.

However, tread cautiously outside your territories, as their strength wanes, making them susceptible to enemy attacks. Moreover, Inquisitors can be the saving grace preventing your religion’s elimination, especially when rivals convert your Holy Site cities. Convert the Holy City back, and your faith lives to see another day.

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