How To Stop Rebellion In Civilization 6

How To Stop Rebellion In Civilization 6

In Civilization 6, loyalty is the backbone that holds your cities together, ensuring they remain under your control. When a city’s loyalty dips too low, rebellion becomes a threat. Every city exerts what’s termed as “loyalty pressure,” and this pressure is most influential on nearby cities.

The closer another city is, the stronger this loyalty influence becomes. Factors like the age of your civilization, whether you’re experiencing a golden age or a dark age, the amenities available, and even the prevalent religion can sway loyalty.

Strategies to Increase City Loyalty

To keep rebellion at bay and ensure that your cities stay loyal, consider the following:

  1. Population Boost: One way to strengthen loyalty is by increasing the city’s population.
  2. City Placement: Strategic placement of new cities can make all the difference. Ideally, new cities should be founded close to your existing ones. Conversely, steer clear of establishing cities near large opponent cities to avoid unwanted loyalty pressure.
  3. Golden Age vs. Dark Age: Civilization ages impact loyalty. Being in a golden age can significantly help in maintaining city loyalty, especially if neighboring civilizations are going through a dark age.
  4. Religious Considerations: Religion isn’t just for spiritual upliftment; it plays a role in loyalty too. Cities not adhering to your primary religion might suffer a loyalty penalty. However, bringing a missionary to accompany your army can counterbalance this effect.

Effective Use of Governors and Their Promotions

Effective Use of Governors and Their Promotions

Governors aren’t just administrative heads; they’re pivotal in ensuring city loyalty:

  1. Governor Assignment: Simply placing a governor in a city will grant a +8 loyalty boost per turn. It’s a straightforward yet effective move.
  2. Governor Amani: Amongst all governors, Amani, known as the Diplomat, has unique promotions concerning loyalty. Her presence can bolster the loyalty pressure of your cities while reducing that of your rivals. Hence, it’s wise to have Amani stationed close to newly acquired or vulnerable cities to prevent revolts.
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Leveraging Policies and Government Decisions

Your policy decisions and government actions play a massive role in influencing city loyalty:

  1. Policy Choices: Some policies specifically enhance loyalty. For instance, having garrisoned units in a city, when combined with the “Limitanei” policy, can provide a loyalty bonus. Similarly, the “Praetorium” policy will reward cities with governors with additional loyalty. If you’re keen on hitting two birds with one stone, the “Civil Prestige” policy can increase both amenities and loyalty in cities with governors.
  2. Government District: This isn’t just any district; building it in a city grants an added +8 loyalty. But remember, you can typically construct just one, so it’s likely best placed in your capital.
  3. Amenities Management: Happiness matters. Cities overflowing with amenities grant an extra +3 loyalty. To keep your cities content, ensure they have a steady supply of amenities. Even if it means making trades that don’t seem very favorable, the loyalty boost can make it worthwhile.

Conquest and Loyalty Management

If you’re on a conquest spree, managing loyalty becomes even more crucial:

  1. Conquest Dynamics: When you capture a city, it doesn’t instantly become loyal. It starts with a loyalty of 50/100, which can deplete rapidly without intervention.
  2. Simultaneous Conquests: It’s strategic to capture several cities in one swift movement. This approach can help prevent quick loyalty flips in newly conquered cities.
  3. Military Strategy: After a conquest, consider leaving behind potent military units. These act as a deterrent and can swiftly regain control if a city turns free due to loyalty issues. However, resist the urge to immediately construct walls in these cities until loyalty is stabilized to prevent any internal conflict.
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Tackling Rebellions and Managing Fluctuating Loyalty

Rebellions are the results of prolonged negligence of city loyalty. To handle fluctuating loyalty:

  1. Immediate Fixes: If a city’s loyalty is waning, consider quick solutions like repairing a monument or even purchasing one for a +1 loyalty boost. Trading to increase amenities can also counteract decreasing loyalty.
  2. Governor and Garrison: As reiterated, placing a governor, especially someone like Victor with a level 2 promotion, can provide significant loyalty boosts. Additionally, having a unit garrisoned in the city can offer loyalty benefits.
  3. Strategic Recapture: If a city does flip to a neutral state due to low loyalty, it might be strategic to wait for this flip, then reconquer. This approach might provide a more solid loyalty foundation for the city.

Remember, in Civilization VI, preventing rebellion is an intricate dance of strategic decisions and swift actions. With a keen eye on loyalty dynamics and proactive governance, your civilization can stand the test of time.

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