How to Get a Heroic Age in Civilization 6

How to Get a Heroic Age in Civilization 6

To kickstart your journey to a Heroic Age in Civilization 6, you first need to understand the preconditions. One cannot simply leap into a Heroic Age without having experienced the depths of a Dark Age. What’s more, your civilization cannot embrace a Heroic Age right from the beginning of the game.

It’s also crucial to realize that if you’re in a Golden Age, transitioning directly into a Heroic Age isn’t on the cards.

Understanding Dark Ages

Dark Ages, though usually avoided by many players due to their challenges, come with their own set of silver linings. Entering a Dark Age might sound like a setback, but it’s this very stage that sets the foundation for a Heroic Age. Apart from this potential upside, Dark Ages present players with exclusive Policy Cards.

However, they also come with their fair share of challenges, like the Loyalty penalties. But as the old saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Here, that silver lining is the prospect of a Heroic Age.

Setting Up for a Heroic Age

To make the most out of a Dark Age and pave the way for a Heroic Age, one’s strategy matters significantly. It’s tempting to view a Dark Age as undesirable, but a well-executed plan can turn this phase into an advantageous one. This plan revolves around mastering the Era Score system, which, while intricate, can be the key to transitioning ages.

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The Role of Era Score

Your Era Score plays a pivotal role in your progress in Civilization 6. Think of it as the currency that dictates your civilization’s transition through ages. Earning this score can be achieved through multiple avenues. Whether it’s by unveiling hidden villages, chancing upon natural wonders, or establishing relations by sending envoys to city-states, these actions can boost your score. And the golden rule here? The more Era Score you accumulate, the better your chances of soaring past the Golden Age threshold.

Strategic Dark Age Entry

If you’re planning to strategically dive into a Dark Age with the larger picture in mind, it’s not as straightforward as one might think. Actions that normally boost your Era Score, like expanding your civilization’s boundaries, discovering new parts of the map, or even dispatching envoys, should be kept to a minimum.

It’s a game of balance. Interestingly, the Medieval Era provides the ideal backdrop for this, as opportunities to amass Era Score points become scarcer. While in the early stages, like the Ancient and Classical eras, you might find your Era Score shooting up due to regular events, the later phases demand more deliberate actions.

Transitioning from Dark to Heroic Age

You’ve strategically entered a Dark Age. What next? The journey to a Heroic Age now depends on your ability to garner points that are typically double the usual Era Score of a Normal Age. This means, while in the Golden Age phase, every move must be well-calculated.

Rapidly advancing through technologies, effectively using resources for Great Persons, and dispatching envoys becomes crucial. Yet, remember, it’s not just about accumulating points. The Dark Age will test your skills with loyalty penalties, making your gameplay experience a challenge. But those who overcome these challenges are duly rewarded with the prospect of a Heroic Age.

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Benefits of Heroic Age

Making it to a Heroic Age is akin to achieving a major milestone in Civilization 6. This phase showers players with the ability to opt for not one, not two, but three Dedications, lending a colossal advantage in gameplay. For instance, if you’re focused on boosting your early Religion efforts, “Exodus of the Evangelists” can be a game-changer.

Or perhaps, if you’ve set sights on enhancing Population growth under specific conditions, “Sic Hunt Draconis” can be a worthy pick. For those inching towards a Cultural or Scientific Victory in the later stages of the game, Dedications like “Wish You Were Here” and “Sky and Stars” can give the necessary push.

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