How to Use the Battering Ram in Civilization 6: Battering Ram Guide

Battering Ram Guide Civilization 6

The Battering Ram in Civilization 6 is akin to a silent companion for your army; it’s there not to lead, but to bolster your forces. At first glance, its function might seem similar to Great Generals. Both units share a unique kinship in movement and placement, making their navigation somewhat intuitive for seasoned players.

Delving deeper into the Battering Ram’s purpose in Civilization 6, its specialty is aiding sieges of fortified cities. Have you ever faced a city wrapped in imposing walls and felt overwhelmed? This support unit is the answer to that challenge.

When tactically positioned next to such cities, the Battering Ram enables your regular melee attackers to strike the city walls with unmatched fervor and vigor, maximizing their damage output.

However, every rose has its thorns. In the case of the Battering Ram, it finds itself ineffective against cities devoid of walls. Its strength is its bane: if there’s no wall, there’s no purpose for it in that battle.

How to Use the Battering Ram in Civilization 6

Before launching an attack in Civilization 6, a touch of strategy goes a long way. This involves smartly positioning your melee units. And just like in a chess game, always be wary of the city garrison’s reach; it’s wise to stay more than two hexes away to dodge its wrath.

When the siege horns blare, let the battle unfold! As you move in, let your melee units lead the charge. A well-placed Battering Ram boosts their confidence, allowing them to tear down walls with zeal. But remember, it’s not a solo effort.

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Ranged and Bombard Units, waiting in the wings, should quickly join the fray. Ideally, let them take the first shot if they’re within striking distance.

With walls crumbling, it’s time for phase two. Now, you have a smorgasbord of tactics at your disposal: pillage farms to weaken the enemy, cycle out wounded units, fortify your positions, or even grant promotions in the heat of the battle. And if you’re looking for that final push, a combination of Bombard Units or ranged forces can be the key to toppling the city’s defenses. A melee unit can then waltz in for the conquest.

Effective Combat and Defense Strategies of Battering Ram in Civilization 6

The Battering Ram, despite its prowess, isn’t invulnerable. Protecting it should be top priority. It’s a magnet for enemy attacks, given its potential to shift the tide of battle. So, keep it shielded and never leave its side unguarded.

The true magic of the Civilization 6 Battering Ram isn’t in its own attack, but in its ability to supercharge your melee units. Normally, these units would chip away a meager 17% of a city’s walls. But under the protective shadow of the Battering Ram, they unleash their full might. This newfound strength, while game-changing, might not be evident to newcomers, given the game’s subtle mechanics.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a Battering Ram assault, focus on its neutralization. Its presence can single-handedly break your city’s backbone, so make it a prime target.

Battering Ram Synergy and Alternatives

The Battering Ram in Civilization 6, while formidable, doesn’t work in isolation. Its harmony with Bombard Units is a thing of legends. While some whisper about its overpowered nature against even Renaissance Walls, its versatility across eras remains uncontested.

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Every commander has a preferred style. While some might lean heavily on Battering Rams, others might be wooed by the Siege Towers. These towers, though efficient, can’t combine forces with Battering Rams. Thus, the choice between them hinges on your gameplan.

With evolving gameplay dynamics, the Battering Ram too faces its moments of glory and obsolescence. There are instances, like after mastering Civil Engineering or encountering Urban Defenses, when the Battering Ram’s sheen fades. But savvy players can morph it into a Medic or harness some residual utility.

The march of time in Civilization 6 brings with it both challenges and opportunities. In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Battering Ram faces limitations against walls beyond the Ancient Era. This nuanced shift nudges players towards recalibrating their strategies, breathing fresh life into the gameplay.

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