Civilization 6 How to Promote Units

Civilization 6 How to Promote Units

Civilization 6 (Civ 6) is a game of strategy and planning, where each decision carries weight in shaping the fate of your empire. One crucial aspect, often overlooked by novices, is the promotion of units. Rather than merely advancing through the ages and amassing armies, promoting units can make the difference between victory and defeat.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of promoting units in Civ 6, ensuring your forces are always a step ahead.

Basics of Unit Promotion

At its core, unit promotion in Civilization 6 is a mechanism by which a unit, after acquiring certain experiences, is elevated to a more efficient and resilient version of itself. This shouldn’t be confused with upgrading, which refers to transitioning a unit to an entirely different model or type, often across ages. Promotion, in contrast, is about refining the current unit to be more adept in its existing role.

Experience Points, or XP, is the currency for promotions. Every unit in Civ 6 accumulates XP through various actions, primarily combat. Once a certain threshold of XP is reached, the unit becomes eligible for promotion. The more XP a unit gains, the more advanced promotions become available to it, thus making it increasingly formidable.

Promoting units doesn’t just provide a slight edge; it can be a game changer. In the heat of battle, a promoted unit may have higher defensive capabilities, making them harder to eliminate. Strategically, a promoted unit might have enhanced movement or specific skills, allowing for more tactical decisions.

Over time, these promotions also unlock unique abilities, allowing units to specialize and further excel in their roles, whether that’s as a frontline defender or a ranged attacker.

How Units Earn Promotions

Through Combat

The battlefield is a prime teacher. As units engage in skirmishes, defend territories, or participate in full-blown wars, they amass valuable XP. Engaging stronger opponents or participating in pivotal battles often yields more XP. However, it’s a delicate balance: pushing a unit too hard might result in its destruction, thus wasting all its accrued experience.

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Special Buildings & Districts

Civilization 6 offers a diverse city-building aspect, and certain structures can facilitate faster XP accumulation. The Encampment district, for instance, can serve as a training ground, enabling units to gain promotions even outside of active combat. Some wonders and city projects, if strategically utilized, can also serve as catalysts in this process.

Gameplay Events

Apart from the predictable methods of gaining XP, Civ 6 is peppered with spontaneous events that can lead to unexpected promotion opportunities. Encountering a tribal village might provide a unit with a surge of XP, or specific in-game scenarios might offer unique paths to unit advancement. Being open to these opportunities and leveraging them can expedite the promotion process.

Process of Promoting a Unit

Process of Promoting a Unit

In the vast expanse of Civilization 6, knowing when your unit is ripe for a promotion is pivotal. Keep an eye out for visual cues on your game interface – they’re subtle but indicative. An icon or notification may emerge, signaling that your unit has garnered enough experience to move up the ranks.

To start the promotion process, begin by right-clicking on the concerned unit. This will bring forth the unit’s action panel. Within this space, you’ll find various options to improve your unit’s capabilities. Go through them carefully, and select the promotion that aligns with your unit’s strategic role and your broader game plan.

Promotion isn’t a mere step up; it’s a calculated move. Your decisions should reflect your unit’s role and how it fits into the grander scheme of things. For instance, a unit that’s consistently on the frontline may benefit from increased defense or attack, while those positioned as supports could gain from range or mobility promotions.

Melee & Anti-cavalry Units

These units are your front-liners, often bearing the brunt of the battle. Their typical promotion paths lean towards bolstering their defense or enhancing their attack. Depending on the adversaries you anticipate, you might opt for promotions that offer advantages against specific unit types or fortifications.

Ranged & Siege Units

Ranged units, including archers and siege engines, have distinct promotion paths. Their strengths can be augmented to inflict more damage, or to expand their range, allowing them to strike from even greater distances. A keen assessment of battlefield geometry and enemy positioning can guide these promotion choices.

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Naval & Air Units

The vast waters and skies of Civilization 6 have their own warfare dynamics. Naval units, for example, might require promotions that enhance their movement across different sea terrains or boost their combat prowess. Air units, relatively newer entrants in the game’s timeline, have specialized promotions tailored to their aerial capabilities and vulnerabilities.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Unit Promotion

Tips and Tricks for Effective Unit Promotion

Promoting a unit isn’t just a reaction to its past battles; it’s preparation for future confrontations. Take time to forecast your next moves. Are you expanding territories, or is a major war on the horizon? This foresight can be invaluable in tailoring your unit promotions accordingly.

Every civilization in Civ 6 brings unique advantages. Some might accelerate promotions for specific units or offer unique promotion paths. Understanding these nuances and aligning your unit promotions with your chosen civilization’s strengths can be a strategic masterstroke.

Terrains aren’t just passive backdrops; they play an active role in battles. A unit positioned advantageously on a hill or within a forest might garner more XP due to the terrain’s inherent defensive bonuses. Thus, understanding and leveraging terrain can indirectly influence how swiftly your units reach their promotion thresholds.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Neglecting to Promote Units in Time: A unit ripe for promotion but left unpromoted is a missed opportunity. Not only are you foregoing immediate tactical advantages, but in the heat of battle, that slight edge could determine the unit’s survival.

Overextending Units: In the quest for XP, one might be tempted to push a unit to its absolute limits. However, overextending can be perilous. A critically injured unit, even if it’s on the brink of promotion, might be easily taken out by the enemy, erasing all its accrued experience.

Misaligning Promotions with Unit Role: Promoting a scout unit to have better combat abilities might seem tempting but remember its primary function. Diverging too much from a unit’s intended role can lead to inefficient armies and squandered potential.

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