How to Get the Thundering Pulse Bow in Genshin Impact?

How to Get the Thundering Pulse Bow in Genshin Impact?

Acquiring the Thundering Pulse Bow

In the expansive world of Genshin Impact, weapons play a crucial role in shaping a character’s combat prowess. Among the plethora of weapons available, the Thundering Pulse Bow stands out as a top-tier 5-Star weapon, deeply coveted by players. As part of the renowned Inazuma Series, this bow has garnered attention, especially among DPS (Damage Per Second) enthusiasts. So, how does one acquire this powerful asset?

Genshin Impact’s Weapon Banner system is your primary gateway. The bow re-emerged in Version 2.8, and while it’s available for a limited time, players should mark their calendars to ensure they don’t miss out. Specifically, the bow is up for grabs from the banner running until August 23, as mentioned in Genshin Impact’s official Twitter. Those fervently aiming for the Thundering Pulse Bow should select it as their 5-Star weapon of choice before investing their wishes on the banner.

But what if luck isn’t on your side? Fear not. The Weapon Banner incorporates a pity system to boost player morale. This system guarantees that, once you’ve made 90 pulls, a 5-Star weapon will be yours. Though it’s not a surefire way to get the Thundering Pulse Bow, it amplifies your chances.

Moreover, the Epitomized Path Mechanic further streamlines the acquisition process. By selecting the Thundering Pulse Bow within this path, you stand to gain Fate Points every time a featured 5-Star weapon graces your inventory. If the first 5-Star weapon you score isn’t the coveted bow, you can breathe easy knowing the next one is a guaranteed Thundering Pulse Bow. However, it’s vital to remember: without an active Epitomized Path, Fate Points will elude you, and the bow might too.

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Lastly, the role of Primogems can’t be understated. This premium currency is pivotal for making wishes. Even though accruing Primogems is a daunting task, the ongoing Summertime Odyssey Event lightens the burden by offering Freemogems through various in-game activities.

Key Features and Stats

Now that you’re armed with knowledge on acquisition, understanding the bow’s prowess is essential. The Thundering Pulse Bow isn’t just a decorative asset; it boasts a formidable Critical Damage sub-stat. This is augmented by a passive ability that generously boosts the user’s Attack by 20%. And that’s not all. This bow is designed to accumulate Normal Attack DMG stacks, which can enhance damage output by an additional 40%.

Its maximum ATK stands at an impressive 609, cementing its position among the game’s most formidable weapons. This makes it a sought-after weapon for Main DPS units, notably Ganyu, Yoimiya, and Tartaglia, among others.

Ascension and Enhancement

To maximize the Thundering Pulse Bow’s potential, ascending it is paramount. This requires specific Weapon Ascension Materials. The list includes Narukami pendants, Prisms, and Arrowheads.

Narukami pendants can be sourced from the Court of Flowing Sand, a Domain nestled on Narukami Island, Inazuma. For Prism variants, you’ll need to engage with Mirror Maidens or Fatui Snezhnayan Maidens. These formidable foes can be located using the Adventurer Handbook. As for Arrowheads, targeting Hilichurl Shooters or any of their bow-wielding variants should do the trick. Remember, the quality of materials procured is intertwined with the adversary’s Level and your World Level.

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