How Old is Kazuha in Genshin Impact?

How Old is Kazuha in Genshin Impact?

Kaedehara Kazuha stands out not only for his combat skills but also for the history that trails behind him. Hailing from the renowned Inazuma clan, he is the last in line of this powerful legacy, wearing his heritage proudly. His characterization in the game paints him as a youth filled with poetic musings, always on the move, blade at his side, driven by a profound sense of justice.

Speculation about Kazuha’s Age

The million-mora question on every Genshin fan’s mind: How old is Kazuha? Though the game doesn’t give a direct answer, clues hint that his age might be somewhere between 20 to 30 years, considering his vast experiences and rich backstory. At a mere glance, many estimate him to be around the age group of 16 to 19, further complicated by Captain Beidou’s initial underestimation of his swordsmanship, attributing his skills to a much younger warrior.

Birthday and Zodiac Sign:

Diving into more personal details, Kazuha celebrates his birthday on October 29, aligning his zodiac sign with Scorpio. This date isn’t just symbolic; in the game, players receive a letter from him on this day. This letter, imbued with appreciation, provides resources and his special dish, the “All-weather beauty,” available for collection at the in-game post office.

Association with the Crux Fleet

The majestic Alcor ship under Captain Beidou’s command is where Kazuha can often be found. Though he doesn’t bear any master, his affiliation with Liyue’s Crux Fleet is noteworthy. Interestingly, despite his adeptness and history, many aboard The Crux wrongfully view him as a mere trainee, showcasing the dichotomy of his youthful appearance and the weight of his experiences.

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Character Details

Physical attributes often provide insights into a character, and with Kazuha, his approximately 163.9 cm height is no exception. While there isn’t any official data regarding this in the game, fans often discuss this attribute. On a more personal note, he exudes an aura of being both gentle and carefree, yet there’s an undeniable depth to him, probably stemming from the burdens of his past.

Notably, Kazuha cherishes moments like lounging on sun-warmed rocks, showing a preference for simple, peaceful pleasures. Moreover, his belief that every dish, no matter how basic, should be crafted with utmost love, speaks volumes about his personality.

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