How to Get Characters in Genshin Impact

How to Get Characters in Genshin Impact

Acquiring characters in the mesmerizing world of Teyvat is a thrilling experience every player of “Genshin Impact” eagerly looks forward to. With a plethora of methods available, the journey to collecting each character becomes an adventure in itself. Let’s delve into the comprehensive guide on how to expand your roster.

Progressing Through Main Story Quests

Genshin Impact offers a thrilling story mode that doesn’t just give you an engaging narrative but also allows you to unlock characters. While venturing through the picturesque landscapes, players will be introduced to Amber, Kaya, and Lisa, who will join their roster as a part of the narrative’s progression. However, don’t rest on your laurels thinking every quest will bless you with a new face. Some quests might keep you on your toes for hours, only to lead you back to your current team.

Participating in In-Game Events

Ever seen that ‘Events’ tab beckoning you from the game menu? Well, it’s not just for show. Genshin Impact regularly runs in-game events which provide ample opportunities to snatch up new characters. For instance, diving into the “Spiral Abyss Level Three Chamber Three” could reward you with the culinary genius, Xiangling.

On special occasions, the game has a way of thanking its players. Don’t be surprised to find characters like Barbara popping into your mail as a reward for your consistent involvement in certain events.

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The “Wish” System Overview

Ah, the enigmatic “Wish” system—a lottery wheel that many players have sworn by (or occasionally at). This system stands tall as one of the most popular gateways to getting new characters. But how does it work?

Navigating the “Wish” Tab

Upon diving into the “Wish” tab, you’re greeted with a quartet of sections: Novice Wishes, Character Event Wish, Weapon Event Wish, and Standard Wish. If you’re starting, the Beginner’s Wish is your best bet—it throws in a guarantee with Noelle making an appearance after a mere 10 wishes. However, do bear in mind that the world of wishes thrives on unpredictability. While every set of ten wishes promises an item of at least four stars, it might not always be that character you’ve been eyeing.

Understanding the Wishing System Details

The gears of the wishing mechanism are oiled by two types of currencies: Intertwined Fate, which tempts you with time-limited banners, and Acquaint Fate, meant for regular banners. Piqued about your odds? The “Details” menu sheds light on the chances you’re playing with. Here’s a fun tip: although the chances might seem bleak, every 90 rolls you’re guaranteed a shining five-star item or character, and starting from the 76th roll, your odds get a little nudge.

Currency and the Wishing System

Now, let’s talk finances. The lifeblood of the “Wish” system, Primo Gems, can be found scattered in almost every nook and cranny of the game. Whether it’s completing quests, unlocking waypoints, or simply leveling up statues, the world rewards your curiosity with these precious gems.

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If you’re someone who marches to the beat of the Battle Pass, a wishing item awaits you every 10 levels. If you’re running low on fates, these gems can be your savior—just remember the cost: 160 primo gems for a fate, or if you’ve amassed enough stardust and star glitter, 75 and 5 of them respectively.

The Game’s Gadget System

Moving away from wishes for a moment, Genshin Impact boasts a unique gadget system which, while primarily designed for gameplay enhancements, occasionally becomes a pathway to snag characters.

The Role of In-Game Currencies in Character Acquisition

Apart from splurging on wishes, Primo Gems, along with stardust and star glitter, have a broader utility. If you’re feeling lucky, you can exchange them for either Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate. And if you’ve progressed far enough in the game’s prologue, the shop and wish menus become accessible, offering a trove of characters available for purchase using in-game currencies like star glitter.

Lastly, keep an eye on the world around you. In-game events outside the official ones might throw you a bone, offering chances to get new characters. Adventure awaits at every turn, and so do potential new allies. So, dive in, explore, and may your roster of characters grow!

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