If a cheater is detected in CS2, the VAC system will end the game

If a cheater is detected in CS2, the VAC system will end the game

In the competitive world of online gaming, the impact of cheaters can be frustrating for genuine players. Valve, a titan in the gaming industry, has developed a robust solution called the VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) system for CS2. What makes it stand out is its innovative feature to end a game immediately if a cheater is detected in CS2.

Drawing inspiration from Vanguard, Valorant’s in-house anti-cheat system, the CS2 VAC system has been designed to deter cheaters effectively, provide justice swiftly, and maintain a fair gaming environment for all.

Brief Introduction to VAC Live as an Anti-Cheat System

VAC Live, Valve’s brainchild, was initially conceived as an anti-cheat mechanism for shooter games. Its distinctive features, like the ability to cancel matches mid-progress if a cheater is detected, were inspired by Vanguard, the anti-cheat system utilized by Riot’s game, Valorant. This swift justice system in VAC Live gives a sense of instant vindication to players, elevating their trust and gaming experience. However, catching every cheater promptly might be challenging, and some notifications about cheaters could arrive hours or even days later. Regardless, this innovative approach by VAC Live could revolutionize the way we deal with cheaters in online games.

VAC Live in CS2

With the beta launch of CS2, Valve introduced its robust VAC Live anti-cheat system. This system, already active during the game’s beta phase, is equipped to enforce consequences for anyone resorting to unfair means like using third-party software while playing CS2.

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On June 12, a video showcasing the CS2 VAC system in action went viral on Twitter, displaying a T-side player making a suspicious kill in A Main on Mirage. When the killed player reported this suspicious activity, Valve promptly issued a VAC ban to the cheater, confirming the system’s efficiency.

Specifics of VAC Live’s Implementation in CS2

The CS2 VAC system’s unique approach lies in its process of match termination and its impact on the Skill Group and XP of non-cheating players. When a cheater is detected in CS2, the VAC system ensures that the game is gracefully terminated at the end of the current round, unless it’s the last round and the cheating team is losing.

Importantly, these measures don’t affect the skill groups of the innocent participants, ensuring that their progress isn’t hindered by a cheater’s actions. Furthermore, players who weren’t in the same lobby as the VAC-banned player will still earn their rightful XP for the match.

VAC Live: Towards a Cheat-Free CS2

Valve has been committed to combating cheaters across various games, including TF2, CS2, and now CS2, and it’s well-known for regularly updating its anti-cheat software. Even though VAC has faced some criticisms over the years, it has still managed to eliminate thousands of cheaters.

The recent adaptations in the CS2 VAC system aim to de-incentivize cheating further. The changes, which ensure that games impacted by a cheater don’t affect the players’ ranks and that XP is awarded fairly, are as crucial to combating cheating as the anti-cheat software itself.


While VAC Live has introduced promising features, the fight against cheaters is far from over. A dramatic “CHEATER DETECTED” screen, similar to Valorant, could be a welcomed addition in CS2, adding an element of public shame to the punishment. As cheaters continue to devise new ways to bypass systems, the CS2 VAC system’s effectiveness will be tested. Nevertheless, players can trust in Valve’s reputation for swiftly and accurately dealing with cheaters and remain optimistic about a cheat-free CS2 gaming environment.

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