How to Surrender in CS2

How to Surrender in CS2

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the surrender system in CS2, a feature reminiscent of its predecessor, CS:GO. This guide aims to give players a clear understanding of when and how to initiate the surrender process in CS2 and the subsequent outcomes of such a decision.

Prerequisites for Initiating a Surrender Vote

Before diving into the steps of initiating a surrender, it’s essential to grasp the conditions under which a surrender vote can be launched. Specifically:

  • A surrender can only be set in motion if one of your teammates has exited the game. It’s a feature designed to offer teams a way out in the face of unforeseen player departures.
  • Attempting to rally a surrender vote while all five players are active and in-game will be in vain, as the system doesn’t support such a vote under these conditions.
  • The weight of this decision is heavy; once a team decides to surrender, they’re willingly accepting a loss.

Steps to Initiate a Surrender Vote

There are two pathways to start the surrender vote:

Through the In-Game Menu:

  1. In-game Menu Access: Commence by pressing the ‘Esc’ key, bringing forth the in-game menu.
  2. Voting Section: Here, you’ll spot a “Call Vote” option. Select it to proceed.
  3. Surrender Selection: From the types of votes presented, pick “Surrender.”

Through the Loadout Menu:

  1. Loadout Navigation: Direct your attention to the top of the game screen where “Loadout” is situated.
  2. Voting Mechanism: Upon clicking “Loadout”, a drop-down will present “Call Vote.” Opt for it.
  3. Prompted to Vote: With this, a dedicated voting window emerges, signaling the players to cast their vote.
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Casting a Vote

Upon the activation of a surrender vote, an evident notification box will make its presence known on the right flank of your screen. Here’s what to do next:

  • Affirmative Action: If you’re in favor of waving the white flag, press ‘F1’ to vote “Yes.”
  • Negative Response: Not quite ready to throw in the towel? ‘F2’ corresponds to the “No” vote.
  • A nugget from CS2’s archives: there was a time when only a solitary “Yes” vote could dictate the game’s premature end.

Outcomes of a Successful Surrender

If the winds blow in the favor of surrender:

  • Brace yourself for the inevitable: A game loss is stamped on the surrendering team’s record.
  • Your game rating isn’t immune to this decision; a nosedive is a real possibility.
  • Following the game’s cessation, players are channeled to a series of screens: first, the post-match analysis, then a brief sojourn in the pre-match lobby, and lastly, the familiar confines of the main lobby.

Limitations of the Surrender Option

Even though the surrender option might seem versatile, there are boundaries:

  • Save it for the serious bouts, as this tool is solely available for matchmaking games, staying out of reach in the laid-back casual game arena.
  • Concerned about your comings and goings in standard games? Breathe easy; you can enter and exit without facing any consequences.
  • Even after folding via a surrender, the gates to ranked queues remain welcomingly open.

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