5 Best Tips for Sniper Elite 5

5 Best Tips for Sniper Elite 5

Just a few days ago we were finally able to enjoy the fifth part of Sniper Elite. The popular Karl Fairburne sniper video game returns with us in an installment that takes it to France, a very different territory from the African continent that gave us the fourth part.

If you’ve just bought Sniper Elite 5 and it’s getting a bit uphill to overcome the missions (it’s normal, since the journey isn’t easy), here are 5 tips that will help you a little on your adventure.

Noise and vision is key

Whoever writes this article here has the blessed luck of having played all the released installments of Sniper Elite -literally all-. Therefore, one already knows many recommendations when facing each new installment that is released, and the most important of all is always the same: don’t make noise, don’t let them see you.

With the first part of the sentence, the one that says “don’t make noise”, Sniper Elite is characterized by trying to attract as little attention as possible with each shot. To achieve this, the rifle can be equipped with special bullets, a suppressor attached to it, and many more details, but none as important as placing yourself near a source of noise.

If you shoot next to something in the environment that produces sound, your bullet will be masked. The ideal is to look for an engine that is ringing, a started car or something like that. The more noise there is, the less likely an enemy in question will spot you for hearing the shot.

On the other hand, the same thing happens with vision. The Nazi army will see you very easily, so take cover from a distance to not only take a clean shot, but also go unnoticed. The ideal is always to be grounded.

Adjust the difficulty of the shot

Sniper Elite 5 has a complex shooting system. It’s not easy for newbies to the saga to get close to him… and the game itself knows it. In Sniper Elite 5 you have to calculate the height of the bullet and its possible fall, the wind, the speed at which it is shot, the distance to the target, when to hold your breath…

As you can see, there are many concepts, each one more diverse. For this reason, our recommendation is that you lower the difficulty if you see that all these features are difficult for you. Nothing happens, since the title itself asks you to reduce the difficulty to make everything more bearable. There will be time to upload it again when you gain experience.

Customize weapons

Customize weapons

In this fifth part, weapon customization is available again, but now it makes it stronger than ever. In any workbench that we find around the stage, Karl can modify his rifle in a jiffy.

Where do we want to go with this? Well, easy: use customization to form your favorite team. In this way, the weapons that you will have equipped will always be adjusted to your style of play. In a title like Sniper Elite 5, where being comfortable with what you’re wearing is so important, workbenches are an extension of your own body.

Melee stealth is a good option

Melee stealth is a good option

Yes, Sniper Elite 5 is a video game where the rifle is the main weapon, we agree, but in this fifth installment melee stealth has been greatly improved. With this we mean that it is important that you do not throw all the cards to the bullets, but that you also bet on the knife and the hands.

In environments that are not very large, it is quite easy to take down enemies with stealth. Take advantage of it to get out of said place unscathed.

An open world… tailored to you

It was already present in previous installments, but in Sniper Elite 5 we have an open world more than ever. Or rather, an open semi-world divided by levels. The player can choose where to go or what to do at all times. However, the best part is that you can select how to approach a problem in a variety of ways.

The game will tell you which is the most feasible way to overcome that challenge, but you can then choose other ways to achieve it. This is wonderful, since it is not corseted on immovable principles.

And patience of course

As we said before, Sniper Elite 5 is not a simple or easy game; in fact, none of the saga is. Therefore, be very patient when playing, especially if it is your first Sniper Elite. You will take time to acquire the basic precepts of this saga. Experiment, try and fail without fear, that there will be time to do it well in the future. It’s a journey through the whole of World War II that you won’t forget.

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