Which CS2 Gun Is Better: MP7 vs MP9

Which CSGO Gun Is Better MP7 vs MP9

In the world of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), your choice of weapon can make or break your game. This in-depth guide aims to dissect the crucial details of the MP7 vs MP9 debate, helping you choose the right gun that suits your playing style. If you’re among the many players who lack funds to spend on skins, particularly knives, we suggest taking a look at our guide on getting CS2 skins for free.

The MP7: An Overview

The MP7 An Overview

Immerse yourself in the rich details of the MP7, a favorite among CS2 players who prefer a methodical approach. The MP7, while being more expensive, justifies its price tag with its impressive damage output and higher armor penetration. Its improved accuracy compared to many other guns in the game also adds to its appeal.

But it’s not just about the upsides. The MP7 has its own share of drawbacks. It’s slower firing rate and a slightly extended recovery time for the fifth bullet might make it less appealing for players who enjoy fast-paced combat.

Looking at the nitty-gritty, the MP7 boasts 30 bullets in a magazine and up to 120 in reserve. Its spray pattern, although unique, can be mastered over time. The weapon’s kill reward stands at $600, with a price tag of $1500. And when it comes to damage per shot, it hits hard with a substantial 29 points, considering a 62.5% armor penetration rate. However, it takes 3.13 seconds to reload, which is a critical factor to consider in heated exchanges.

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Professional players have also shown a liking for the MP7, although it has seen fewer frags in major tournaments. An assortment of skins are available, offering players a way to express their unique style while wielding this formidable gun.

The MP9: An Overview

The MP9 An Overview

Let’s shift our focus to the MP9, the favorite go-to weapon for those who prefer agility and speed in CS2. With its lower price tag and a faster rate of fire, the MP9 is perfect for players who thrive in close-quarters combat.

While it’s a robust gun in the right hands, the MP9 has its limitations. Its slower damage distance fade can be a disadvantage in longer-range fights.

Diving deeper, the MP9, like the MP7, holds 30 bullets per magazine and has up to 120 in reserve. Its spray pattern is slightly different than the MP7 and demands a stick-to-close-combat approach due to its low running inaccuracy. It also comes at a lower price of $1250 but maintains the same kill reward of $600. It can fire at an impressive rate of 857 rounds per minute, and though it does less damage per shot (26 points), it shares the same armor penetration rate of 62.5% with the MP7. It takes slightly longer to reload at 3.21 seconds but recovers faster after the fifth bullet.

The MP9’s high precision and lower price have made it popular in the pro scene, and it boasts a broad range of skins for the aesthetically inclined player.

The MP7 vs. MP9: Detailed Comparison

The debate of MP7 vs MP9 in CS2 is as old as the weapons themselves. When comparing these two, it’s clear that both have their strengths and weaknesses. It really boils down to a player’s preference and playstyle.

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If you lean towards slower, more tactical gameplay, the MP7 is statistically superior, albeit more costly. But, if you like taking the battle to your opponent’s doorstep, the cheaper and faster MP9 might be your weapon of choice.

Most players tend to prefer the MP7 over the MP9 as they find it more solid and manageable, particularly during extended bursts. However, it’s worth noting that the MP9 can be incredibly effective in unconventional situations, like shooting while jumping or running.


Choosing between the MP7 and MP9 in CS2 is no easy feat, but we hope this guide has shed some light on the finer details of each weapon. It’s essential to remember that the right gun for you largely depends on your playstyle and comfort. So, try both out and decide for yourself. After all, CS2 is as much about personal skill and preference as it is about choosing the right weapon.

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