How to Remove Bots in CS2

How to Remove Bots in CSGO

In the dynamic world of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), one significant aspect that many players overlook is the removal of bots. This article delves into this crucial yet often overlooked part of gameplay optimization, showing you how to remove bots in CS2, enhancing your in-game experience and skill development.

Since its inception, CS2 has been a cornerstone in the world of eSports, largely due to its open-source nature. This game design allows players to have a say in their gaming experience, introducing a host of commands that can be customized to suit the player’s needs.

In CS2, bots serve as virtual opponents in the gameplay, providing a starting point for new players to familiarize themselves with the game dynamics. Recent updates to the game have also led to visual improvements, making CS2 a more immersive and attractive gaming experience.

Why Remove Bots in CS2?

So why should we consider removing bots in CS2? The primary reason is to enable a more authentic practice experience. By eliminating bots, players can focus on honing their shooting skills and familiarizing themselves with various maps without the distraction of AI opponents. Bots can disrupt gameplay, especially for novices, as they often block bullets and spam unlimited callouts, leading to player frustration.

Limitations of Removing Bots

While removing bots may seem beneficial, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a considerable distinction between playing against AI and real players. The strategic unpredictability and agility of human opponents far exceed the capabilities of AI bots. Moreover, bot removal is limited to local-connection experiences and does not apply to competitive or CS2 wingman ranks, where the presence of bots is deemed necessary.

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How to Enable the Developer Console

To embark on the journey to remove bots in CS2, the first step is enabling the developer console. This console is a gateway to input codes and manipulate various game features, including bot management. Access the options menu on the main CS2 screen, click on Game Settings, and switch the “Enable Developer Console” option to ‘Yes.’ The ~ key is the default keybind to open the developer console during gameplay. You can customize this keybind under keyboard and mouse settings.

Commands for Bot Removal

Once the developer console is activated, it’s time to introduce some commands. The command “bot_kick” serves to eliminate all bots from the current game. If you want to prevent the second team from deploying bots, the command “mp_limitteams 1” comes in handy. Additionally, you can disable the auto-balancing of bots during local battles using the “mp_autoteambalance 0” command. Specific commands also exist for removing bots from either the Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist team with “bot_kick ct” or “bot_kick t” respectively. And to limit the number of bots on your server, the “bot_quota X” command allows you to choose the desired quantity.

Advanced Commands

CS2 commands do not stop at bot removal; players have full control over the AI terrorists and counter-terrorists. The “bot_kick name” command allows you to kick out a bot with a specific name, and “bot_kick 1” enables you to remove bots of a particular difficulty level.


In summary, learning how to remove bots in CS2 can considerably enhance your gameplay experience and contribute to skill development. While bots serve as great practice opponents, progressing to human opponents allows for greater growth and challenge. So as you delve deeper into the world of CS2, make sure to make use of the vast array of commands at your disposal to customize your gaming experience.

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