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    Digital Deadwood, a persistent browser-based game, is a recreation of Historic Deadwood with free online multi-player games and real-time chat in a historic Old West setting.

    With every footstep, with every cut of the deck and across every tombstone Deadwood Gulch echoes with sounds of the past. But the past doesn't just live in Deadwood. It parties, swears, downs three shots of Jack Daniels, beats you at Blackjack and sweet-talks the tall blonde at the end of the bar before you've noticed that it's taken half your chips.

    Play history at its own game. Shoot, dig, and gamble your way through the wildest town of the Old West - past and present. Wander the brick-paved streets of modern Deadwood and breathe the sweet ponderosa-touched mountain air. Explore ancient mansions, brick Victorian shops with towering turrets and the sweeping balconies of hotels haunted by the ghosts of guests long dead. Try your hand at some cards or slot machines, then use time portals to visit Historic Deadwood as it was during the gold rush of 1876. Meet legends like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Colorado Charlie Utter, Theodore Roosevelt and dozens of others. Challenge them to a shoot-out or a game of cards, then go wander the boardwalks of the last capital of the Wild West in a complete virtual world.

    Create a character with customized looks, skills, and attitudes - will you be an aimless drifter? A dangerous gunfighter? Or maybe just a mild-mannered tourist? Walk the streets of a meticulously recreated modern Deadwood, gambling at real casinos, dropping in at real saloons, and exploring real hotels.



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Review: It stinks that the game is on here then if you are not even able to play it, because to me it sounds like it would be pretty awesome.
By: shawnytucker
Review: There is no way to play the game, no url, no install, etc.
By: bpious

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