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By: heartlim13
Review: The purpose of the game is to understand what it was like for Vikings to raid monasteries and other valuable places. It was interesting being able to take on the responsibilities associated with planning a raid. I was able to choose my crew, my ship, the route to take across the North Sea and where to land on the island the monastery was on. I now understand the risks associated with planning a raid. It was also interesting to see how I did in respect to my competitors. I did a very poor job and was sent to be a laborer for the rest of my life. I thought their reaction was slightly amusing. I think children will enjoy pretending to make these decisions. It's a good supplement if there is a unit on Vikings- the game shows you many different aspects of the raid and the vocabulary associated with the ship and the different members of the crew. However, it only goes over the basics, and I wouldn't recommend it for students higher than 6th or 7th grade.
By: sarahvandoren
Review: This game was cool. Taking on the role of a head viking attempting to make a name for himself was both enlightening and amusing.
By: shawnytucker

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