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Think that the Supreme Court doesn't really matter in your day-to-day life? Think again! Take a look at these ten everyday situations, and match them to the related Supreme Court decisions that directly impact your rights and…

Learn about some of the most notable Supreme Court justices in the long history of the Court …

How well do you know the history of the Court's landmark cases? Place critical cases in the appropriate decade in this timeline of American…

Log in to predict how the Supreme Court will vote in this year's most important cases.…

Explores the Supreme Court's changing stands on the issues of citizenship and equality.…

Test your knowledge of Supreme Court history and the Constitution by matching landmark cases and justice quotes. …

What powers belong only the federal government? What powers do the states have that the federal government does not? What does the Constitution say about this issue? Find out how the Court has answered these questions over the…

Often the most revealing opinion excerpts come, not from the Constitution, but from famous writers, philosophers and poets. Explore some of the Supreme's more fanciful muses from Aristophanes and Shakespeare to Robert Frost and Charles Dickens.…

How does the U.S. Supreme Court create its particular look of authority? Find out by exploring the objects, symbols and architecture that define the Supreme Court…

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